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TITLE [마감] 2021 SUMMER COURSE 추천하기
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Altdif Museum Season 2

Art Exhibition

KRW 30,000 / PERSON

Extra charge +KRW 3,000 (Add a shot +KRW 1,000 / shot)

(If choose alcoholic beverage on main menu)

Let’s get started our adventure of various exhibitions in Altdif Museum!

Prepare to be fascinated by each piece of tea art carefully curated by tea masters.

Piece 1. Salvador Dali

The Persistence of Memory, 1931

The great start of our museum tour and welcome tea of the day.

Serves as straight tea chosen by the tea master based on the weather and time of the day.

Piece 2. Shin Yunbok

Summering under the Tree/Genre Painting, 1813

Altdif’s signature cream milk tea made with our blended teas and sweet corn cream on top.

Explore a typical Korean’s summer vibe and its sweet and smooth flavor.

Piece 3. Vincent van Gogh

- Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, 1889

- Cafe Table with Absinthe, 1887 (ADULT ONLY)

Refreshing and unique summer tea-ade with our original herbal infusion,‘Habit Plus’,

blended with green rooibos, lemon myrtle, and invigorating citrus aroma.

Delight in its complex and multifaceted layers of flavor, just like Vincent himself.

Also can be served as a tea cocktail with Gin and Absinthe.

(Choose 1 of two options)

Piece 4. Special  Masterpieces for the Season

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Girls at the Piano, 1892 (HOT ONLY)

Cozy and smooth lavender meets our magical herbal infusion ‘Space Odditea’

with the final touch of vanilla bean - you will be astonished by its attractive silky aroma.

Jean-Francois Millet

Harvesters Resting(Ruth and Boaz), 1853

Creative tea mocktail which reinterpreted the famous cocktail ‘Amaretto Sour’.

Enjoy this unique beverage with champagne-like black tea (non-alcohol and vegan version).

Also can be served as a cocktail version. (ADULT ONLY)

Sin Saimdang

Korean Melon and Grasshopper/Grass and Insect Painting, 15??

Welcome to enjoy our interpretation of Korean summer vibe!

Tea smoothie made with Korean green tea, ‘Seoul’s Moon Grey”,

Korean melon, and Korean water parsley. 

Also can be served as a cocktail version. (ADULT ONLY)

Sweet bean water jelly made with aromatic oolong tea will be served as tea food.

Piece 5. Frederic Leighton

Flaming June, 1893

A sweet and refreshing tea sherbet made with our non-caffeine blend ‘Before Sunset’

which resembles a blazing sunset. Grapefruit, coconut and cream.

Start tea life with altdif!

Get 10% discount on every products on tea-course day : )

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